JET Performance

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Jet Performance Modules

JET Performance Products has become the foremost leader in Domestic power tuning and has become known worldwide for its tuning ability in Domestic applications. To compliment the extensive line of domestic performance chips, JET decided 7 years ago the next logical step would be import computer upgrades. Their dedicated team of engineers, technicians and some very helpful factory people embarked on a 7 year journey to develop the best line of import computer upgrades available today.

Today's vehicle use various types of computers, JET has a module or computer upgrade to fit almost every application on the road today.

The ECM in the vehicle looks at various sensors such as manifold vacuum, coolant temperature, throttle position and RPM, it then processes this information and adjusts spark timing, air/fuel ratio and other parameter according to the tables stored in the JET Performance module memory. By recalibrating these tables we are able to tune the engine for the maximum horsepower and torque under various driving conditions.

By installing the JET module these extra increases in performance enhance drivability, towing capabilities, reduce ¼ miles times and provide improved overall efficiency.