Hypertech Max Energy Power Programmer Features

Engines with turbo chargers or superchargers are specifically designed to use premium octane and hence you require Power tuning program for premium octane. However, if your vehicle is from a factory that is capable of utilizing economical regular octane, then you need two optimized Hypertech tuning programs i.e one for regular and one for premium.
Nissan titan withe the Hypertech logo

Hypertech’s exclusive Power Tuning for regular octane ensures great power gains, power that almost equalizes the premium octane. Therefore, if you vehicle is using premium octane, and you want to achieve maximum power, then the ideal Power Tuning is the premium octane.

Internet Updateable

It is possible to update the Hypertech Max Energy Tuning using internet. The Max Energy Power Programmer has a CD with a software and USB cable to enable quick updates via the internet.

Therefore, if your vehicle is installed with new calibration that was unavailable when the Max Energy Power Programmer was being manufactured, ‘A cal not found messages’ pops on the Max Energy screen. If this happens, you can update Max Energy with new and correct calibration through the internet.
2014 Camero with the hypertech logo

You can simply connect the Max energy using a USB cord to your computer and then follow the link to update downloads, get on the support button of the website. However, it is possible to update downloads using the CD that has an installation video in addition to a printable version of the Hypertech instruction manual.

Active Fuel Management

Hypertech Max Energy Tuning ensures fuel management through the active fuel management system. The active fuel management system disables multiple cylinders specifically while driving at light loads.

Despite the active fuel management system being advanced, you have to compromise the drivability when it is active. As a result of this, you may want to disable the active management system in totality.
Yellow Jeep with the hypertech logo

Therefore, Hypertech has incorporated the ability to disable the system and it is an option in the Max Energy Power Programmer. Apart from simply disabling the active fuel management, Hypertech has manufactured optimized engine tuning in both V8 and V4 modes with an aim of improving the vehicles driveability. It is possible to feel the improvement in the efficiency and power during the normal driving.

The Max Energy Tuning from Hypertech extracts all the energy in every molecule of fuel resulting into more miles at part-throttle and maximum power at wide-open throttle hence achieving maximum fuel mileage and power.

By: Jon Aragon
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