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Helo Rims are creatively designed to improve the looks of any vehicle. Their goal is to exceed the expectation of their customers by manufacturing their wheels using only quality and durable materials. Helo uses modern technology and vigorous testing to ensure their wheels not only last, but look good for years to come. Helo is a manufacturer which offers wheels with a variety of designs offering wheels for all consumer tastes. The spoke designs range from simple and stylish to bold and aggressive, the finishes range from matte or gloss black to chrome, and many have machined accents.

Helo Rims has taken the aftermarket by surprise with their sleek designs. With a wide array of styles to choose from, we know we’ll have just the wheel to fit your personality and your truck. We are the largest Helo distributor which mean we have a price advantage over others in the industry. Turn your ordinary-looking ride to an extraordinary vehicle! If you want to stand out from the crowd, then set yourself apart using Helo Rims. Check out the collection of cool-looking rims now with 40% Off on and Free Shipping!

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Helo Wheels <br />HE884 PVD
From $ 145.41
Helo Wheels <br />HE885 Silver
From $ 105.18
Helo Wheels <br />HE886 PVD
From $ 168.71
Helo Wheels <br />HE887 Chrome
From $ 199.06
HELO WHEELS <br/>HE902 Chrome
From $ 142.59
From $ 198.35
Helo Wheels<br /> HE835 Chrome
From $ 164.65
Helo Wheels<br /> HE844 Gloss Black
with Chrome Accents From $ 164.00
Helo Wheels<br /> HE868 Chrome
From $ 209.65
Helo Wheels<br /> HE870 Chrome
From $ 175.06
Helo Wheels<br /> HE870 Silver
From $ 184.24
Helo Wheels<br /> HE874 Bright PVD
From $ 117.18
Helo Wheels Articles and Reviews
Helo Wheels That Share a Variety of Characteristics
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Helo Wheels is a reputable wheel manufacturer mainly because of the attention it pays to the wheels’ details. The brand is part of a host of wheels manufactured by the Wheel Pros group including Diamo, Motegi and KMC. Just like these three wheel brands, Helo wheels are made to be durable and long lasting.
What Finish Would You Like On Your Helo Wheels?
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Some manufacturers prefer to standardize things and make all their wheels using a certain standard approach. Helo wheels however prefer to shake things up and differentiate their models by design and appearance. This gives you the customer a much wider range of options to keep coming back to. Helo wheels differ from each other by color, size and spoke design.
4 of the Best Helo Wheel Spoke Designs
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Helo Wheels are an exclusive wheel variety for executive vehicles. They feature a slimmer profile that contains thin spokes and rims. The spoke structures on Helo wheels are worth getting into as they are amongst the most unique spoke designs for the urban market. In that regards we will discuss a few of the wheels with the most outstanding spoke structures.
Helo Wheels: Futuristic Wheel Designs that make you Swoon
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Helo Wheels are superior aftermarket accessories that are engineered with excellent quality finishes such as Satin Black, Gloss Black, Dark Silver, Chrome and Bright PVD, not forgetting the Chrome gloss that black accents. Available in a range of 3 spoke to ten spoke wheel designs, Helo wheels display great style with understated elegance making it the perfect luxury accompaniment to your car at a pocket friendly price.
Helo Wheels: It’s All in the Color Coordination
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Helo Wheels is one of today’s top aftermarket wheel brands. Need proof? Well, Helo Wheels is a sub branch of the esteemed Wheels Pro Group, a company that has the utmost respect around the industry. Currently, Helo Wheels is one of their top selling brands. This is because of an unrivaled style produced by the wheel. Through a unique color and design standard, these wheels are the perfect selection for any driver. Check out the full scoop.


Helo Wheels are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will capture attention from anyone within view. Helo Wheels uses reputable world-class alloy to ensure enthusiast the finest quality wheels on the market. Our Helo Wheels come in Chrome, Gloss Black and Satin Black, which will boost the looks of any vehicle. Get the hottest wheels around with none other than Helo Wheels. Look good and feel good when you are driving a vehicle with Helo Wheels

Show off your personality and style with Helo Wheels. We have the largest selection of Helo Wheels and guarantee that you will find the perfect set and size for your truck, car or SUV. Known for their quality and craftsmanship, Helo Wheels has quickly climbed their way to the top of the industry within a few, short years. From the beginning, Helo Wheels focused and emphasized their time on what they felt is most import, style and quality. With world recognition, Helo Wheels are defiantly considered one of the best wheels ever made.

We are a Authorized Dealer of Helo Wheels, and a Preferred Retailer, we work directly with Helo to be sure our customers have the latest styles, current information and application data. If you have any questions, Please call us at 813-769-245. Also visit http://www.helowheels.com/ to learn more about Helo Wheels