Hella Xenon White XB 9005 HB3

Xenon White XB 9005 HB3

Hella Bulbs provide high performance and excellent looks for your vehicle. You can add extra safety to your vehicle by simply including Hella bulbs into your headlamp or fog lamp setup. Hella bulbs provide a focused beam that gives incredible clarity while driving at night or in fog.

Xenon White XB 9005 HB3 (2 Light Bulbs)
  - HLA-H71070347

Product Details:

  • 9005 HB3 12V 100W.
  • Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life.
  • Blue coated glass.
  • Trendy xenon look when lit.
  • Off-road use only.

What's in The Box

  • 2 Bulbs
Price: $54.16 Sale Price: $32.50     

Take a look at what we have to offer:
Extreme XP Features Xenon White XB Features<
Extreme looks.Extreme looks. Extreme looks.Extreme looks.
Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life.Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life. Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life.Xenon gas for enhanced bulb life.
Violet coated glass.Violet coated glass. Blue coated glass.Blue coated glass.
Super white appearance when lit.Super white appearance when lit. Xenon white appearance.Xenon white appearance.
On road use.On road use. Off road use only.Off road use only.
DOT compliant.DOT compliant.

What is Xenon Technology?
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