Headache Racks Can Save Your Day

It’s something that most of us has seen before. A truck traveling down the highway without any rear glass above the bed, instead there is a sheet of clear plastic or worse a couple of garbage bags taped together to keep rain or snow from entering the cab of the truck.

Every year, hundreds of truck enthusiasts have to replace the rear glass on their truck because of some mishap. Shifting lumber, sliding couches or loose gravel can destroy the rear glass on your truck. Which not only costs hundreds of dollars to replace, it can also cost you (or your passengers) their life. Headache Racks are the easiest and most affordable way to protect yourself and others from a broken window.

How Easily a Window Can Break

I became a proponent for Headache Racks about a year ago, before that I figured that if you knew how to use a tow strap to keep your materials from moving around, there was no need to invest in a flashy rack for the rear of your truck. It wasn’t until friend had called my roommate to borrow an empty keg for a graduation party on the upcoming weekend. With the keg shell strapped down (loosely) in the back of his F150, we took off towards his house until a stray dog sprinted in front of our truck. SCREECH. SMASH. The dog was fine, we were OK, but the rear keg had bounced up a bit and hit the corner of rear window, shattering the entire window.

According to automotive experts, the glass on vehicles is weakest near the edges, so it didn’t take much force to break the window.

It should go without saying, that today (one year later) my friend has a stylish Headache Rack installed to protect his new glass.

Different Types of Headache Racks

Originally, Headache Racks were designed to be purely functional, but today they can be accessories that add to the style and attitude of your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a modest, simple rack or a custom work of art in the shape of a spider web, there are plenty of options to keep your rear glass safe and intact.

Husky Sunshade: These Headache Racks have a dual purpose: to keep your glass safe and to keep your cab cool. By using aircraft-grade aluminum and a “shade blind” design, the Sunshades can offer protection from the sun, which is perfect if you park your truck outside.

DiamondBack Guards: When most people think of a Headache Rack, this is the type of product that comes to mind. These were the original designs for Headache Racks that use a metal screen to provide protection from large or small items that may shift around in your truck. These racks require no cutting or drilling.

Custom Design Racks: A few years ago, Spyder Industries started introducing different designs for guys who demanded a wilder look for their Headache Racks. These racks offer the same protection with its heavy-duty aluminum while showing off some wicked art in the shape of Elk antlers and spider webs. These racks are unlike any other.

Backrack Design: Simple and tough. The tubular design of Backracks provides protection without any contributing to any blind spots, which is a common complaint of some bulkier Headache Rack designs. These racks are engineered to encourage enthusiasts to hang ladders, mount lights or install toolboxes on the rear of your truck.

As you can see, you can install a Headache Rack to your truck and actually add to the style of your vehicle. In fact, a properly installed Rack can give a hardcore look to a dull or old truck. Plus, with any Headache Rack, you rest assured that you, your passengers and your rear glass with be safe from any shifting cargo.

If you’re still unsure about which Headache Rack is right for you, be sure to ask the truck experts at 4WheelOnline by calling 813-769-2451. These gearheads are more than happy to answer any questions about the various Headache Racks that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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