Hard Tonneau Covers: Everything You Need to Know

Tonneau Truck Covers are cool functional truck covers perfect for off-roaders, professionals, truck enthusiasts and service fleets as well. They are ideal for utmost safety of cargo. They are extremely durable with top-load weight support to make the most out of their truck bed.

These exemplary aftermarket products are available in a number of styles and designs giving you either side or full bed access. These well engineered products are proudly manufactured in Philipsburg, PA in the US. The advantage of hard cover tonneau covers is that they support over 1,600 pounds of weight while still appearing stylish and well-put together on the road

Characteristics of Hard cover Tonneau Covers include:
Dodge Ram with a tonneau cover

Light in weight

Tonneau Truck tonneau covers are made of high quality 0.080 inch 3003 Aluminum alloy. This makes them very light and easy to mount on to the truck bed.

Top Hauling

Tonneau Truck Tonneau covers allow for one to easily haul cargo into your truck back simply opening up and fitting your cargo securely.

Individually removable panels

These panels are easily dismantled to create more space for extra cargo. The tonneau truck tonneau cover panels can be removed one by one to allow for more cargo space.

Access to the Truck Bed

Tonneau truck hard covers facilitate easy entry into the truck bed to place or remove cargo.

Black Finishes with Line X- Coating

For that luxurious and sophisticated touch, Tonneau truck covers are covered with beautiful black finishes with Line X coating. These striking accessories set your trucks apart from other ordinary covers for your truck.
Toyota with a tonneau cover

A look at the Premium Diamond truck hard covers, and their salient features:

Diamond Back 180 Truck Covers

Diamond Back 180 Truck Covers feature a 45O butterfly design which compacts your truck to be a large cargo hauler with secure handling. They offer ample storage space and great cargo space coverage with hassle free side bed admittance. They open at a proper 45 degrees with in place key-lock handles and a Neoprene compression gasket. These stylish aftermarket products are light in weight as they are forged from 0.080 inch aluminum alloy.

Diamond Back 270 Truck Covers

Diamond Back 270 Truck Covers are an exclusive three-hatch design for a swift and stress free access on your truck bed. With side bed access that can come up to form a butterfly style, Diamond Back 270° Truck Covers results in large rear access panel. They are easy to mount and easily removable with key lock handles. The Diamond 270° Truck Covers can haul 400 pounds on the top. They are light in weight due its aluminum alloy construction.

Diamond Back HD Truck Covers

Diamond Back® HD Truck Covers are perfect accessories designed by Diamond Back®. These heavy duty covers are engineered from light weight 0.100 inch 3003 Aluminum Alloy. Diamond Back HD truck covers are ideal for safeguarding in extreme weather conditions and they can haul up to 1600 pounds on it. With removable panels for front and rear bed access, they feature 2-keyed lock handles with 2 cargo cleats.

By: Jon Aragon
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