H&S Performance Diesel Tuners

The diesel engines of today have sophisticated computer systems controlling all aspects of engine performance and management. This new breed of diesels require advanced tools and specialized training just to work on them. Performance tuning on these engines, has up to now been limited to what can buy out of the box, and gave little or no control. Custom tuning, if available for particular model, required much expertise, and lots of time flashing the truck’s computer. UNTIL NOW. Get ready to take control of every diesel engine.

Introducing the tuners by H&S Performance, a highly sophisticated performance tuners developed to optimize the performance and power of a diesel vehicle. These performance tuners gives the complete control of vital engine calibrations, all in real-time, and without re-flashing the vehicles ECM ir tuning off the engine. Conventional tuners take time to change settings, and only give the pre-set fuel and timing curves. Imagine being able to personalize fuel pulse and timing, all at the touch of a button, and more importantly, IN REAL TIME! H&S Performance Tuners gives each fingertips complete control of the engine’s vital performance parameters.

H&S Performance is driven to bring the most innovative performance tuning tools available. The computerized diesel revolution is here to stay, and H&S Performance is here to give the total control of it.

The only way to free the diesel and Bring On The Power is installing an H&S Performance Performance Tuner!

Note about H&S Performance Products

These high performance parts are intended and were developed for non-street-legal, off-highway, closed course racing use ONLY! Any use by non-sanctioned race vehicles, on ANY road, public or private, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Race products sold on this site may never be installed on ANY vehicle that is to be registered or certified for highway use. Removing factory exhaust emissions equipment such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), catalytic converter, or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), is against federal regulations set forth by the EPA, when not intended for closed-course sanctioned racing. KLM Performance Inc. and H & S Performance,
LLC, strongly recommend that all emissions equipment be left in place
at all times on vehicles not used for closed-course sanctioned
racing. By purchasing or installing any of our high
performance products, you the purchaser release KLM
Performance Inc. and H & S Performance, LLC, of
any liability, and assume all responsibility for
making sure your vehicle complies with all
local, state, and federal emissions
regulations. I understand that high
performance products cannot be
returned for any reason once
installed. By installing any
of our high performance parts
I assume all risks, including
but not limited to, loss of
vehicle warranty, fines,
and penalties. I will in
no way hold KLM Performance
Inc. or H & S Performance,
LLC liable for any of my
actions and assume all
liability for installing
any high performance parts.