Go Industries Airflow Tailgates

Go Industries Airflow Tailgates

Go Industries Airflow Tailgates, Save 20% plus Free Shipping. With the price of fuel continues to increase, it is economical to save fuel expenses by accessorizing your Truck that can help to reduce fuel consumption. Here at 4WheelOnline, we are proud to introduce you the Go Industries Airflow Tailgates! 

These Airflow Tailgates from Go Industries improves the aerodynamics of your Truck thus effectively reducing the fuel consumption. Another bonus you'll get is this Tailgate is budget friendly and won't blow a hole on your pocket. So what are you waiting for? Choose from V-Gate or Straight Airflow Tailgate design by Go Industries now here at 4WheelOnline and get discounts.


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Go Industries Louvered V-Gate Tailgates enchances the airflow of your Truck when driving on the road and improve your trucks' fuel efficency. With its unique V-shape design you can now witch a fifth wheel much easier.

Go Industries Painted V-Gate Tailgates is perfect for Truck owners that are into hitching 5th wheel trailers and want to have their truck a good aesthetics with better airflow then this Painted V-Gate Tailgates from Go Industries suits all your needs

Go Industries Painted Straight Tailgates reduces your Trucks' fuel consumption by improving the air flow of your truck when you're driving on the road. That is possible by adding the Go Industries Painted Straight Tailgate on your Truck Bed.

Go Industries Straight Tailgates saves your fuel consumption and increase fuel mileage by installing Go Industries Straight Tailgates onto your Truck thus reducing the drag specially when driving fast on open roads..

Go Industries V-Gate Tailgates increases your Truck fuel mileage by improving the aerodynamic air flow of your truck by using Stainless Stell V-Gate Tailgate from Go Industries. This air flow tailgate from Go Industries is an economical way of reducing fuel consumption.