Get the Right Edge Product for Your Truck

The Juice with Attitude CS/CTS is the Edge premium diesel only product. It is built with the finest technology and quality materials. This module is an add-on, standalone computer that easily plugs into the wiring harness of your truck. It improves your truck’s performance by intercepting the signals emerging from your truck’s sensors and relaying back the modified signals to the computer of the truck and hence improved performance. It is real time controller with CTS or Attitude CS controller.
Edge products are what you're looking for to add some life to the truck

Furthermore, it features five or more adjustable power levels, on the fly, dynamic safety and real-time data monitoring features, which are effectively designed to protect the truck as well as improve its performance.

Edge products are what you're looking for to add some life to the truck
The Juice with Attitude CS/CTS enables flexible and perfect control and power that suits your daily needs on the road ranging from increased towing power, enhanced fuel economy to burning up the truck.

Evolution CS/CTS

The Evolution CS/CTS is the Edge’s efficient programmer line. The difference between the Juice/Attitude and the Evolution product is that the Evolution CS/CTS reprograms your truck’s stock computer. The Evolution is located in the cab using simple cable connection to the diagnostic port. The function of the Evolution is to save the stock files emerging from the computer of the vehicle before uploading Edge calibrations into the computer of the vehicle. This product is available for both diesel and gas SUVs and Pickups.

Edge products are what you're looking for to add some life to the truck
Despite the Evolution CS/CTS having multiple power levels, it is easy to install without necessarily popping the hood. It also enhances the truck’s power up to 100 hp and 200 ft-lbs particularly of the rear wheel torque. It re-tunes your vehicle and remains mounted in the truck. Using the real time application, it monitors the engine data. Furthermore, you can use it as a diagnostic scan tool to clear and read lights, engines and diagnostic trouble codes.

Insight CS/CTS

If you need efficient gauges for your vehicle, then Insight CS/CTS is the best product for you. It is the most efficient, state of art, comprehensive and multi-gauge product on the market today. It is an affordable and easy to install alternative to analog and bulky gauges that are expensive and difficult to install. It is the perfect tool for monitoring your vehicle’s performance. You can also configure the Insight CS/CTS into your vehicle to provide visual and audible alerts that assist you protect/secure your vehicle.

By: Jon Aragon
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