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Full Moon Soccer Wheels now 20% Off and Free Shipping. Love your ride? Love soccer? The Header takes your passion to the next level. The traditional black and white soccer ball was the model that inspired the strong and beautiful design of The Header. Conceived on the field and made for the street, The Header is a striking rim that fits your image, your attitude and your ride.

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Introducing A Wheel For Soccer Fans
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The soccer community is going crazy for the World Cup. Fans are buying jerseys, annoying noisemakers and huge flags from their favorite countries, but what about the car guys? Recently, Full Moon Wheels released an outlandish wheel design that is sure to be a hit with every soccer nut. These “soccer ball” wheels are the wildest things to hit soccer world since David Beckham. Check out the soccer wheels HERE.

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The Header, Soccer ball Wheels have been constructed from 100% (A356) Dubai aluminum alloy to T6 hardness for strength and durability. The Full Moon Rims are machined to precise tolerances on all surfaces. With limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty on structure and limited one year manufacturer’s warranty on paint, providing an increased erosion protection and optimum maintenance. This is a perfect starting point for long-lasting driving pleasure.

These custom car rims are suitable for soccer fans, designed for those who are passionate about soccer and their cars. The special finish not only looks good but also improves the resilience of the rims. A flawlessly treated surface on the wheels offers maximum protection against corrosion, dirt and other elements. The special finish looks good and improves the resilience of the Soccer ball Wheels.