Fuel Off-Road Tires

The Fuel Mud Gripper MT is a stylish tire that has proved through driver reviews to last long, perform well and come at an affordable price. Fuel Off-Road Tires provide every off-road enthusiast with the handling and stability in all conditions with enhanced 3-ply walls. Having 3-ply walls means better handling, so when the time comes to climb some rocks your covered. The only way to wrap your fuel off-road wheels. Welcome to the Gripper Tire series.


Fuel Off-Road Mud Gripper M/T Tires
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Jeremy McGrath of Fuel Offroad Tires Wins His First Podium Finish Of 2014
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Jeremy McGrath who has had over 100 career wins went to the 10th round of the Lucas Oil Off Road series with high hopes after qualifying 4th during round 9. This event was held at Glen Helen and was accompanied by rain that made things difficult. In the end, he finished second behind Bryce Menzies to secure his first podium finish of the 2014 season.

Fuel Off-Road Wheel and Tire Testing

These Fuel Gripper M/T Tires are the perfect solution if you want bigger and better but don't want to break the bank. These tires are at a great price, with the free shipping you can not find a better deal around. Go ahead and check them out, you will be happy you did.

Size Part Number SideWall Load Index
33x12.50R17 RFNT 33x12.50R17 Blackwall 3042
33x12.50R18 RFNT 33x12.50R18 Blackwall 2910
33x12.50R20 RFNT 33x12.50R20 Blackwall 2600
33x12.50R22 RFNT 33x12.50R22 Blackwall 2270
35x12.50R17 RFNT 35x12.50R17 Blackwall 3640
35x12.50R18 RFNT 35x12.50R18 Blackwall 3415
35x12.50R20 RFNT 35x12.50R20 Blackwall 3195
35x12.50R22 RFNT 35x12.50R22 Blackwall 2835
35x13.50R20 RFNT 35x13.50R20 Blackwall 3525
37x13.50R17 RFNT 37x13.50R17 Blackwall 4300
37x13.50R20 RFNT 37x13.50R20 Blackwall 3860
37x13.50R22 RFNT 37x13.50R22 Blackwall 3420
37x13.50R24 RFNT 37x13.50R24 Blackwall 3085
38x15.50R20 RFNT 38x15.50R20 Blackwall 3640
38x15.50R22 RFNT 38x15.50R22 Blackwall 3525
40x15.50R24 RFNT 40x15.50R24 Blackwall 3970
40x15.50R26 RFNT 40x15.50R26 Blackwall 3860