Ford Racing Wheels

Ford Racing Wheels

We race because we can apply the lessons we learn on the tracks and roads of worldwide race series to develop advanced automotive technology and improve the safety and performance of your future Ford vehicle.

To accelerate this transfer of technology from speedway to driveway, we’ve built a comprehensive racing program that allows us to participate in three NASCAR series, Champ Car World Series, Formula One, World Rally and NHRA events. Around the world, Ford Racing also has regional programs in touring car racing, drag racing and off-road racing. Our competitive spirit isn’t satisfied just by racing four-wheeled vehicles, either — Ford Racing Advanced Technology is also involved with Harley Davidson in its AMA Superbike racing program and with AmericaOne in America’s Cup 12-meter yacht racing.


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Ford Racing Wheels' In-Depth Engineering Process
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Ford Racing Wheels is a historic company, known for dominating the tracks over the past few decades. Of course, it's no coincidence that the company has had so much success for such an extended period of time. Ford Racing Wheels' secret is nothing more than hard work, attention to detail, and dedication. Luckily for driving junkies, these wheels are available to the public. Come check out how these wheels are made and why you should by a set here.

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As Ford Motor Company’s history in racing enters its second century, the picture of Ford Racing’s future has sharpened into an image of expanding capabilities and an ever-deepening commitment to race fans and to all Ford consumers. Our mission statement expresses this best: "Racing must ultimately help improve our products, people and processes in support of corporate customer satisfaction goals."