Falken Azenis PT722 AS Tires

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  • Freshly developed wide steel belts that are tougher than stock cords. gives improved wear and performance.
  • Extended lateral groove s reduces hydroplaning and delivers unparalleled driving stability in wet situations.
  • Unique rib groove prevents uneven wear by enhancing firmness of the tread.
  • deep tread depth enhances mileage and boosts longevity.
  • Jointless nylon cap ply & layer enhances stability at speed and in wet scenarios.
  • High density casing ply boosts wear resistance.
  • Treadwear indicators consistently reports to drivers of appropriate rotation timing.


Falken Tires Azenis PT722 is first ultra high performance, all-season tire, with a deep tread depth and long lateral groove, for anti-hydroplaning and stability in the wet. The uneven tread pattern delivers marvelous coziness while Falken’s Tread-wear Indicators consistently informs drivers of proper rotation timing, thus boosting wear performance for imrpoved mileage and longer life.