Fabtech 4WD K1500 Suspension Lift Kits

Fabtech GM K1500 4WD Suspension Lifts

Fabtech's award winning design is its key in providing quality suspension systems for the truck aftermarket industry. Each vehicle model is different; and Fabtech has invested time to test its system to every Chevy/GMC K1500. This eliminates inconsistencies and allows Fabtech products to integrate properly to Chevy/GMC K1500s. Fabtech Suspensions for Chevy/GMC K1500 applications are the best suspension systems for those who demand the best. Fabtech Suspensions give the best value to customesr with their state-of-the-art design, cutting edge technology from parts fabrication to manufacturing, and maximum dependability on the road. Fabtech Suspensions for Chevy/GMC K1500s also offer trouble proof installation and years of dependability while giving a top performance ride for Chevy/GMC K1500s.