Ford F250

Fabtech Suspension Lifts - Ford F250 4WD

Fabtech Suspension Systems for Ford F250 4WD also features distributed impact load to the front suspension with strengthened lowered control arm crossmembers. Front differential is protected by a ¼ inch thick steel skid plate that is tightly formed and the rear suspension lift is completed via a block and add a leaf system. These features are only possible through the extensive design job made by Fabtech for truck owners who demands the best in suspension. Fabtech Suspension Systems for Ford F250 4WD are available in two kits. The Basic System features all the components needed for a complete lift and comes with a front coilover spacer system for a stock like ride. While the Performance System offers the same kit parts like their Basic counterpart but this time a choice to upgrade to a Dirt Logic 2.5 or Dirt Logic 4.0 Adjustable Coilover shock that replaces the vehicle's stock shocks is available.