FASS has been the leader in fuel filtration for over 19 years. Their experience in creating the best, efficient, and durable fuel air system shows in the quality of products they make. FASS Fuel Air Separation System is sure to give diesel truck owners satisfaction. This product increases the performance of any diesel powered vehicle by separating unwanted compounds in the fuel. FASS Fuel Air Separation System usually can last at least 700,000 miles and comes with warranty of 4 years for semis up to a lifetime for pickup applications!

Reliable FASS Fuel System that gives consistent fuel flow resulting in increased fuel economy and high volume pumps.

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FASS Fuel - More Information

FASS Fuel Air Separation System is breakthrough fuel filtration technology that separates water, air and other contaminants to the fuel. In the past, it is nearly impossible for diesel powered vehicles to achieve the run according to their manufacturer’s specifications. Diesel fuel usually contains contaminants that affect the performance of the engine. FASS Fuel Air Separation System removes unwanted compounds to the fuel while it is being delivered to the engine. The results are increase fuel efficiency, better performance and increased engine life. With FASS, diesel applications will have easier and quicker starts.

We are offering the leading fuel air separation system in the market today at the lowest price. Count on these quality products from FASS to prolong the life of the engine and conserve fuel while running on the peak performance it really deserves. FASS has been setting the standard in the diesel industry today. That is why having these fuel filtration system to any diesel application is a great investment. Ride with the latest cutting edge technology in the diesel industry today. Buy a FASS Fuel Air Separation System now.

FASS Fuel System

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  • Removes All Types of Fuel Contaminants Emulsified Water & Free Water Air/VaporDebris
  • Increases Injector Life & Dependability
  • Consistent Engine Prformance–Hot vs. Cold Fuel / Full vs. 1/4 Tank
  • Increase Horsepower & Torque
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Increases Fuel Mileage (Individual Results May Vary)
    • Pickup: Typically 2-3 mpg running empty, with heavy load 8-11%
    • Semi/Class 8: Typically .4mpg in Semi/Class 8 applications

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