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Extang Tonneau Covers are On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! Extang is recognized for being the first retailer of tonneau covers nationally. They built their reputation on engineering flawless designs that will add functionality to trucks without jeopardizing the capabilities of hauling and towing items in the bed of the truck. Extang is the most recognizable name in the industry and many competitors are merely replicating the features that they created. Considered the industry leader, they deliver the largest line of tonneau covers that will fit every truck and every budget. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Extang BlackMax
snap soft
Extang BlackMax tonneau covers feature a versatile, purpose-built, 4-way, completely adjustable snap positioning system to keep the cover tight.

From $ 269.00
Extang Solid Fold 2.0
From $ 849.00
Extang e•Max
soft tri-fold
Extang eMax tonneau covers provide all the benefits and convenience of soft covers PLUS 100% truck bed access!

From $ 499.00
Extang Encore
From $ 899.00
Extang Revolution
From $ 499.00
Extang Express
From $ 449.00
Extang Tool Box Tonneau
From $ 309.00
Extang Tuff Tonneau
soft roll-up
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Extang Tuff Tonneau III uses the J45 "Peel & Seal" system. This tidy, sleek edged tonneau improves gas mileage and goes on in minutes with a no-drill installation.

From $ 289.00
Extang Tonneau Cover Accessories
Extang tonneau cover accessories are available to make using and maintaining your Extang tonneau cover even easier. Shop now and SAVE!

Extang Tool Box Tonneau
Classic Platinum Toolbox <br> Extang Tonneau Covers
snap roll-up
Classic Platinum Tool-Box tonneau covers combine easy use with the needed amenity of protection for those tools that don't fit in the toolbox behind your cab. Easy, fast installation and removal, high-standard protection and great looks make this tonneau cover an ideal choice.

From $ 309.00
Solid Fold 2.0 Toolbox <br> Extang Tonneau Covers
hard folding
Solid Fold Tool-Box tonneau covers are a must when searching for protection of valuable work tools or materials that wont fit in your truck-bed toolbox. These covers are easy to install or remove and give quick access to cargo. Installs in seconds without the need for tools.

From $ 729.00
Trifecta Tool Box <br> Extang Tonneau Covers
soft folding
Trifecta Tool-Box tonneau covers come completely assembled for fast, simple installation and easy removal. This soft folding toolbox tonneau cover gives you easy access to tools or work materials in your truck bed while protecting your cargo from the elements with WeatherTuff™ Seals.

From $ 399.00
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These covers come in many different designs to suit the different style preferences on truck owners. The covers are made to withstand the most extreme off road conditions to guarantee safety of your cargo. Extang covers are also very easy to install and tend to affordable compared to their competitors.
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Extang tonneau covers are very popular among truck drivers. These covers are made to be of high quality and durable to withstand anything you may throw at them. Ever since these tonneau covers came into the market, they have been turning heads and been the source of conversations thanks to their innovative designs and features. There are a number of reasons why drivers prefer these covers but this article looks at the five main ones.
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Extang products are constructed to perform in any situation. The company is the ultimate seller of tonneau brand in North America and for several years, it has strived to attain engineering excellence with an aim of providing the best products in the sector. It manufactures tonneau pickup truck accessories, tonneau truck bed covers as well as truck bed covers nationally, which requires no drilling during installation.
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Extang Is the Number 1 Tonneau Cover. Having a Tonneau cover is very important for truck owners. Tonneau covers help minimize gas bills, they add security, and they help protect trucks from the weather. Currently, Extang is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket Tonneau Covers, and they are the first place you should look.
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Extang Tonneau Covers

Extang knows the importance of modifying your truck without leaving permanent holes or scratches; therefore Extang Tonneau covers implemented the "No Damage, No Drilling, Clamp On" strategy to ensure that your vehicle will look like new when the tonneau cover is off. If you want to add appeal, increase fuel economy and add more functions to your truck, then an Extang Tonneau cover is just what you need. We are the Top Rated Extang Direct Retailer and we offer Cash Back on your Purchase! Check out our Extang Tonneau covers for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Nissan, and Much More!

Extang tonneau covers are considered the best investment for your truck. Their covers will give you the storage space of an SUV without losing the function of a truck. They make all of their covers from durable materials and fabrics that will give you years of use. They are the original manufacturers of tonneau covers and are the most trusted brand. Each cover is designed to fit your truck specifically so you will not have to make any additional modifications. They will not only add a weather-proof compartment but also can increase fuel economy by an astonishing 10%. You can rely on Extang to keep your cargo safe and secure from the weather and other people, it's as simple as putting your valuables in the bed of the truck, cover, and lock. We offer all Extang Products at the Lowest Price, Free Shipping and Great Service.

Extang Tonneau Covers

    Extang Express

  • express tonneau coverExpress : The Extang Express is the easiest roll-up tonneau cover on the market today. Installing the Express takes mere minutes, and will give you years of convenience and freedom. Extang has designed this cover with mechanisms that will secure and protect the items in the truck when the tonneau cover is in use. In addition, it will increase fuel economy and save you money at the pump. So if you are looking for an extang tonneau cover that will give you piece of mind and protecting than rely on the Express cover. It combines simplicity and functionality together to produce a final product that will change the function of your truck.
  • Extang Revolution

  • revolution tonneau coverRevolution : Extang Revolution has features that other tonneau covers don't. This includes a tension control system that provides a quick fastening and an overall snug fit. They are considered ultra-low profile and are barely noticeable to the eye, and install quickly and do not require any additional drilling. Extang Tonneau covers feature a Lifetime Warranty on both the frame and tarp. Extang has and is continuing to develop covers that will change the capabilities of trucks.
  • Extang Solid Fold

  • solid fold tonneau coverSolid Fold : Extang Solid Fold tonneau covers will eliminate the hassle of tools, drilling and parts. Every part is built into the tonneau cover and will install in moments. This Tonneau can temporarily fold out of the way allowing full access to the bed of the truck, and will not fade plus it is UV resistant. It is ideal for quick access to the bed of the truck.
  • Extang Trifecta

  • trifecta tonneau coverTrifecta & Trifecta Signature : Trifecta and Trifecta Signature tonneau covers are made with durable fabrics and materials that will give you years of enjoyment and usage. The three folding aluminum sections allow easy access without jeopardizing functionality. They have all the great features except one has the commercial grade vinyl. Some other features of these covers are the Speedklamps, Weathertuff seals, and MaxHinges. This is a great tonneau cover that is extremely resilient and can withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Extang Classic Platinum

  • classic tonneau coverClassic Platinum : Extang Classic Platinum covers are manufactured with all-aluminum frames to give extra durability and protection. This cover is custom made for your specific truck to insure a proper fit. Extang offers 10 year warranty on the tarps plus the aluminum fames has lifetime coverage. It is made with heavy-duty metal components, features quick installation, snaps for reinforcements, and adjustable height bows to adapt to the size of the load. If you are looking for a tonneau cover that will stand the test of time, you can rely on the Platium to do so.
  • Extang Black Max

  • tufftonno tonneau coverBlack Max : Extang Black Max tonneau covers are manufactured with a crisp black vinyl cover that will make any truck look sharp and sleek. The Black Max has many great features that many try to imitate, but can't deliver! It has a one finger removal system that will allow you to lock and unlock your tarp hassle-free. Many tonneau covers will not allow the tailgate to open when the cover is on; however, this cover will let you open and close the tailgate without having to undo the cover. It can be adjusted to the temperature, so you will not have to worry about you cover shrinking or just not fitting right in hot or cold temperatures. If you are looking for the best tonneau cover on the market than you can trust that Extang will go beyond your expectations!
  • Extang Tuff Tonno III

  • blackmax tonneau coverTuff Tonno III : Extang Tuff Tonno III will clamp onto your truck's bed rail using TuffKlamps to provide a solid grip and does not require any additional drilling into the truck or cutting of the cover. The tough leather grain vinyl will give you the ultimate protection that will keep your personal items protected from the elements of Mother Nature and other people. The tarp on the Tuff Tonno has a 10 year warranty; therefore it will last as long, if not longer, than most will have their truck. The frame is also backed by a lifetime warranty. With Extang you can count on quality and a strong craftsmanship in each tonneau cover. If you are looking for the best deal, than the Tuff Tonno III will give you versatility that is practical.
  • Extang Full-Tilt

  • fulltilt tonneau coverFull-Tilt : Extang Full-Tilt tonneau covers are designed for those who utilize the bed of their truck frequently, but would like the capabilities to transition from an open to a closed bed without the hassle of a tarp. This cover will not restrict the use of your truck bed and will give full access to the front, middle and rear. Also you will not be hindered by hinges, side rails, or even height bows with the Full-Tilt Tonneau cover. This Tonneau cover is fairly simple to install and will not require tools for putting on and taking off the cover. For additional convenience, they have built-in duel lever locks to secure the cover while driving. The Full-Tilt is made for truck owners that like the convenience of a closed-in storage compartment and the full use of their traditional bed without having to make strenuous modifications.
  • Extang Tool Box

  • toolbox tonneau coverTool Box :Extang Tool Box tonneau covers are the perfect solution for truck owners who have a tool box but would also like the benefits of a tonneau cover. The Tool Box tonneau covers will fit most standard tool box sizes. Installing this cover will take minutes and will not leave damage to your truck. There are two different style Tool Box tonneau covers to choose from, both of which will provide optimal protection. Both feature top of the line technology in conjunction with style and functionality to deliver the best tonneau cover on the market. Tool Box tonneau covers will give you all the fine features without jeopardizing the losing functionality.

Extang Tonneau

Extang has changed the tonneau cover industry by delivering superior quality covers that provides weather-proof storage unit in addition to the traditional functions of a truck. They have revolutionized the industry with covers that will not leave damage, scratches or holes in the bed of your truck. They are the number one sought after tonneau cover and has been known to last as long as 10 or more years with proper maintenance. They offers a wide assortment on covers for every purpose. So whether you 'e looking for an Extang tonneau cover that you can use in conjunction with your tool box or can roll-up completely, or even tri-fold, they has just the tonneau cover for you. These covers will give you the freedom of a SUV space all within the bed of you truck. Rely on Extang to protect you cargo from the elements and keep them safe from others. Also, they are designed with a sleek, low-profile cover that can increase fuel economy by an astonishing 10%. Looking for the best bang for your buck? Look no further!

Proper care and maintenance will keep your cover looking like new. When washing your cover, use a mild soap or car wash solution. After washing your cover, rinse off all the remaining residue. For additional coverage, use Tonno Tonic. Tonno Tonic will clean off the dirt and grime leaving a coat of protection. Tonno Tonic is formulated with UV protectants that will keep your cover looking like new for years to come. Simple maintenance will insure that your cover will last as long as your truck.

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