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Edge Performance Products new Evolution color touch screen and juice with attitude color touch screen

Edge Perfomance Products - Cash Back - Get a free $25-$50 Promo Card plus Free Next Day Air on Select Products. Edge Performance Products took the market in the late 1990s with their main goal to enhance diesel-powered trucks. From a hobby to a prestigious business, they have significantly changed the industry. The success of Edge is simple: make high quality products that are reliable, durable and will deliver results. Edge manufactures top of the line products at the most affordable prices. Give your truck or Jeep a boost with Edge Products.

Edge Products will not only give your vehicle more power and performance but it will also increase gas mileage while optimizing your vehicles response. Edge has introduced the new touch screen that gives instant feedback on various aspects. Revolutionize your driving experience every time you hop in and go for a ride. Edge Performance Products are the most sought aftermarket chips, tuners and programmers, and we have the complete line at the Lowest Prices. Feel the difference that you have been missing out on with Edge.

Edge Diesel specializes in all your diesel needs. Whether you drive a Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins or a GM Duramax, Edge Diesel will take your truck to the next level. Edge Diesel is not only the most reliable tool for information but also is the most accurate. Edge Performance Products will provide drivers with an immense amount of information; drivers can now have a smarter, more efficient vehicle without jeopardizing looks, power and performance. Make your truck superior with Edge Products.

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Edge chips are specifically designed to improve the vehicle’s performance. With increase in the cost of fuel, motorists are interested in cutting down the cost in fuel consumption. Edge Juice with Evolution and Attitude are some of the Edge products that will enhance the timing of the fuel delivery hence enabling you to have a complete burn of diesel as well as increased power. Furthermore, with Edge Chip, you truck can possible run in a higher gear.

Edge Products offers products for diesel and gas cars, trucks, and jeep markets. Rely on Edge Products to increase Performance.

Edge Juice

Edge Juice is the number one way to enhance the performance of your diesel. Whether you’re on the road for a casual ride or toeing some serious tonnage, The Edge Juice will be there to help you get the job done faster, safer and more economical. For many years the Juice has been revolutionizing the way people tune their diesel trucks to get the more bang for their buck; whether they are using Edge Diesel products like the Edge Juice with Attitude CS or the Edge Evolution. Edge Diesel Products do more than increase performance, the technology that Edge Diesel Products bring to the table will help your truck act smarter and not just stronger; The Edge Juice will monitor, maintain and help increase the longevity of your vehicle by fine-tuning many aspects of your vehicle such as fueling parameter and RPM. Check out our specials on the Edge Juice and other Edge Diesel Products. If you are looking for the complete line of Edge performance Products then you came to the right place, get the Lowest Prices and Free Next Day Air.

Edge Chips

Edge Chips improve performance on the road, off the road and on the track. racing products. Edge Chips provide different power levels that allow customization. You can expect to gain up to 250+ additional horsepower and 450+ ft. lbs. of torque with Edge Chips. Count on leaving your competitors behind, towing up hill, and hauling large loads. when using an Edge Chip. Many top race drivers, professionally and amateurs, use multiple lines of Edge performance Products; they rely on an Edge Chip to give their truck more power and torque for towing their cars, plus better fuel mileage and overall performance. Edge Products, Edge Performance Products and Edge Chips will deliver you the ultimate driving experience without breaking your wallet.

Edge Chips, and other Edge performance Products are a great addition to add to your ideal truck. Edge is leading the industry with top of the line technology at affordable prices. You can rely on Edge to deliver performance! Every Truck and Jeep needs a little boost; Edge will set your truck aside from others! So if you want a truck that stands out among others, give your truck the uniqueness and the power that others truck enthusiast will envy.

Edge performance Products Increases Fuel Economy
Edge Chips are designed to increase the overall performance but what about the cost at the pump? With record-high fuel prices, most people are interested in saving money and improving their fuel economy. Edge Juice with Attitude and Evolution will increase the timing of the fuel delivery. With this feature, you will get a complete burn of the diesel and more power. Your truck will also be able to run in a higher gear when using an Edge Chip. Higher gears will burn lower amounts of fuel due to less downshifting. If saving money and increasing power is your objective than any of the Edge performance products is just what you need. In order to get your Products quickly, we offer Free Next Day Air!

Edge Accessories
Accessories main goal is to enhance the appearance, and or to add more functions to a product or device. Some accessories include a dash mount, back-up camera, thermocouple probes and much more. They mount on your dash with an Dash Pods. This will give you truck a factory installed look without the heavy expense. Specific Products like the Juice with Attitude will fit into the mount. Edge also carries iPod adapter kits. These Products are designed to keep the driver focused on the road and not fiddling with gadgets that could lead to accidents. Get your accessories today!

Edge Products Vision
Why choose Edge? Simply put, Edge Products are quick and easy to install, taking as little as ten minutes. They know how complicated other performance upgrade systems are and wanted to provide customers with a simplistic solution. Edge has the philosophy of delivering systems that will take moments to install and will provide a lifetime of power and performance. With Edge Products, you can count on quality at your fingertips at the most affordable price.

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Feel the Difference with Edge Products: Edge Performance, Edge Chips and Edge Diesel Chips.