ENGO Winches

    ENGO Winches - Save Up to 30% Off and Free Shipping! ENGO Winches are new to the winch market, but they enter the field backed by the best winch manufacturing knowledge available. ENGO Winches was founded by the former Director and Chief Operating Officer of Mile Marker Winches. This means that ENGO Winches are designed with world class features to stand strong through a lifetime of hard use. There is an ENGO Winch for every need: Boating Winches, Powersports ATV/UTV Winches, ENGO Winches for light trucks, Engo Winches for off road recovery, even ENGO Winches for up to 16,000lb test rating. ENGO Winches are designed to be easy to use and return the BEST VALUE of any winch you can buy. Maybe that's why an ENGO Winch was named best value in a recent Four Wheeler Magazine winch shootout! ENGO Winches are built to stand up to the same harsh conditions as more famous brands, and they even top those brands in many regards, while also being less expensive! Get your ENGO Winch today and get the strength to pull through any challenge!

    Four Wheeler Magazine, one of the Worlds’ leading 4x4 and off road publication, believed that winches are such an essential component of real off road action, and that, when you go off road regularly, you are eventually going to need a winch. That’s why Four Wheeler set up a winch shoot out to do a definitive test of which of 8 easily available winches designed for tough off road recovery action was most up to the task.

    ENGO’s E9000 model was one of the winches they tested. The ES9000 weighed just 49.4 pounds without cable, securing the ultra-lightness award of the all units tested. During the test of the ENGO E9000 model, the most remarkable observation was how easy the drum free-spooled when the clutch was disengaged. While some winches required their staff to pull cable from the drum using significant upper body weight, the ENGO Winch required just one arm. Amazingly, the ENGO’s E9000 Winch took third place overall, with just over 22 feet of rope unspooled in the speed and efficiency test. The motor reached a maximum operating temperature of 151 degrees during the pull. And during the stall test, the Engo E9000 pulled to 12,000 pounds and stopped without and issues. The Engo E9000 continued to work without fault in either direction after removing from the submersion stall test. The ENGO Winch was one of only two winches that survived the water submersion stall test safe and sound. Considering that the ENGO Winch outlasted its competitors and can be bought at the very affordable price, ENGO’s E9000 model was awarded as the Best Value of all units tested!