Dodge Truck Bed Covers - 2 Day Sale - Huge Discounts + Free Shipping

Dodge truck bed covers are made according to exact design of your Dodge for proper fitment. There are many Styles including folding tonneau covers, hard truck bed covers, hinged covers, retractable truck bed covers, roll-up tonneau covers, soft truck bed covers, and Dodge tool-box tonneau covers.

Dodge tool-box truck bed covers, are commonly soft covers, and are designed with the proper room needed for a tool-box at the front of the bed. Special hard covers and will safely manage up to and exceeding 400 pounds of freight on the top, while light and simple to operate. For those concerned with making sure that their tonneau cover is unobtrusive, there are retractable covers that conveniently draw into a compartment at the front of the bed. Soft truck bed covers may also be found as roll-up and hinged covers or even folding tonneaus. Soft covers and folding covers permit easy access to the front or rear of the truck bed.