Dodge Cummins Diesel MBRP Performance Exhaust

Built to Perform: These days customers expect a vehicles to provide reliable, comfortable and efficient transportation. MBRPinc performance exhaust is designed to make sure that happens without fail. Its ability to accelerate the removal of hot contaminated exhaust gases results in a cooler better running engine. That means more torque, more horsepower, improved fuel mileage and reduces the risk of pre-mature breakdown or lubricant deterioration.

The Premium Difference: In an industry with its share of "commodity" exhaust products MBRPinc stands apart as a manufacturer of truly quality performance exhaust systems. Anyone can see that in the way a system is packaged, the thought that goes into the design of every component, the consistent quality of the overall product and of course, the sound. The premium difference does not end there. Through MBRPs in house customer service team as well as the professionals who distribute and install the products to count on MBRPinc experience to be an enjoyable one.

Easy Installation: MBRPinc systems are as much fun to install as to drive with on every Toyota. Bolt-on, no weld design makes installing this on Toyota a no hassle one to two hour project. Everything is direct fit to the OEM hangers and get all the clamps and parts that are needed, all in one box, no matter what configuration of Toyota to have.

Sound & Style: Performance is one thing but MBRPinc believed that appearance and sound is just as important. Every MBRPinc performance exhaust system has been specifically tuned to get the optimal sound from each pickup. With MBRPinc brand etched on the tips and the unmistakable styling, there's no question that anyone have the hottest exhaust on the road.