Renthal Brake Pads Kawasaki

Renthal BrakeĀ® Pads

Renthal RC-1 Works Brake Pads are a high performance sintered metal brake pads with
excellent braking power. Specifically designed for motocross and off-road racing applications.

Pretty good alternative to stock pads. Good performance in mud and sand. The first choice with it's maximum stopping power, progressive feel, no brake fade and quick bed in time are important considerations.

  • Specially formulated for quick bed in time and immediate response.
  • Reduces overheating of the brake fluid with it's ceramic heat shield backing.
  • Prevent brake noise with it's inter granular graphite structure.

Renthal Kawasaki Front Brake Pads
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Renthal Kawasaki Rear Brake Pads
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Renthal BrakeĀ® Pads have inter-granular structure which is made to reduce brake noise. It's a lot smoother and just feel so comfortable. Has a Great stopping power. It's pad originally formulated for quick bed-in time and immediate responses. The Vacuum Press Furnace production ensures a consistent density throughout the entire pad which helps maintain a high level of performance for the life of the pad.