Diamond Eye Exhaust

Diamond Eye

Keep your vehicle cool and LOOKING cool with the Diamond Eye Performance Diesel Exhaust System. Robotically engineered with speed and precision, Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust Pipes are designed to give you and your vehicle the best in Exhaust Systems. Diamond Eye Performance has Exhaust Pipes that are made of 16 gauge Aluminized Steel. This material is relatively more inexpensive than the Stainless Steel used in most high-end exhaust systems, but it does not compromise Diamond Eye Performance quality. With Mandrel Bent Pipes, Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust Pipes guarantee NO RESTRICTION to air flow. Unlike in other exhaust pipes where the pipes merge into a smaller diameter on the bends, Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust Pipes are MANDREL BENT which means it maintains the same 4" or 5" diameter all-throughout the entire pipe, keeping your turbo system cool and in full-gear.

diamond eye exhaust

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