Diamond Eye Exhaust Toyota

Change and upgrade the stock equipment that came with your truck when you bought it, Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust are scientifically engineered with sophisticated tools to improve and enhance your exhaust system that Toyota have.

Diamond Eye Performance Exhaust with performance exhaust pipes maximizes horsepower by acting as a free-flowing pipe for the extraction of exhaust gases. This works well in a sense of putting all unwanted gases or exhaust gases away to the engine and flow properly without any hindrance, making it nearly impossible for your turbo system to overheat and lose power.

A modern and sophisticated exhaust system is not that expensive, we can help you finding the right one to your Toyota just give us a call. You can also check out our selection for Diamond Eye Exhaust for Toyota. The Diamond Eye Exhaust are highly recommended for diesel engine exhaust, comes in a kits combine together to bring better improvement to you engine and they are built to last. So you can relax and enjoy the ride and have a fine tune exhaust system at all times.

2007-2009 Toyota Tundra 3.5" Dual Cat Back Exhaust-Aluminized
  - DIAME-K3422A
Price: $544.41
Sale Price: $378.36
Stainless Tip Not Included, Click Here for Exhaust Tips

2007-2009 Toyota Tundra 3.5" Single Cat Back Exhaust-Aluminized
  - DIAME-K3420A
Price: $428.24
Sale Price: $297.63
Stainless Tip Not Included, Click Here for Exhaust Tips