Diablosport Catch Can

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  • Dual top chamber with built in filter to ensure high flow while still "catching" all oil spillover
  • Each Product is custom machined and etched with the DiabloSport Logo
  • 100% sealed with additonal O-ring to ensure 0 leaks
  • Oil Resistant PVC hose included with all Catch Can kits
  • Composite aerospace fittings
  • Adjustable mount using provided hose for location
  • Ridged bottom to provide ease of unscrewing the can
  • DiabloSport satisfaction guarantee
  • Free Tech Support
  • Tunes for Power and Fuel Economy
  • Safe for Your Vehicle Warranty
  • One Year Warranty
  • Install Instructions: HEMI Cars
  • Install Instructions: Neon SRT4
  • Install Instructions: SRT8
  • Install Instructions: Hemi Ram 09-Up


Diablosport Catch Can is the solution to prevent wear of engine intake manifold components and for prevention of spark knock. The factory PCV, or positive crankcase ventilation system has the bad habit of recirculating oil vapor into the intake, resulting in dirty, performance robbing 'gunk'. The Diablosport Catch Can puts a stop to this, ensuring that only fresh clean air is passed from the PCV circuit to the incoming air mixture. Diablosport Catch Can, your engine will thank you through extended life and preserved performance!