DU-HA Reach E-Z Accessories

Du-Ha Reach E-Z Accessories

The Reach E-Z is an extendable reaching tool made for retrieving items from pickup truck beds and reaching items around the house and shop. Instead of climbing into your truck bed, stand behind your tailgate and reach any items that have slid too far forward using the Reach E-Z.

  • Allows you to retrieve gear without climbing into your truck bed
  • Extends from approx. 5’ to approx. 7’
  • Provides easy access under toppers, tonneau covers, and lids
  • Super tough yellow adjustable tip can be re-positioned at many different angles
  • Fits all bed lengths and works on all types of beds and bedliners
  • Unlimited uses – Works great for anything you can’t quite reach!
  • Included brush is perfect for clearing snow from your windshield or sweeping out your truck bed
  • Made of rust resistant aluminum
  • Will easily handle objects over 100 lbs.
Reach E-Z Extendable Reacher (Includes Brush Attachment and Mounting Clip)
  - DUHA-70088
Price: $79.99
Sale Price: $59.95

Reach E-Z Flashlight with Clip Attachment
  - DUHA-70084
Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $34.95

Reach E-Z Ice Scraper
  - DUHA-70085
Price: $44.99
Sale Price: $34.95

    Reach E-Z - Scraper
  • Ridged edge for loosening ice on your windshield.
  • Smooth edge for scraping away ice.
  • Screws onto the end of the Reach E-Z handle.
    Reach E-Z - Flashlight
  • 5 LED's
  • Ideal for looking under your topper or tonneau cover.
  • Excellent light source at night.
  • Clips to the Reach E-Z handle.

Installation is easy! Simply bolt the metal clip to a convenient location in the bed of your pickup truck. You can also ecure the clip to a wall in your shop or garage to keep the Reach E-Z within reach at all times. Can also be used for cleaning rain gutters, retrieving duck decoys, landing boats, and anything else you can't quite reach.