JET Performance

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Jet Performance Products

JET Performance Products are developed at state of the art facility in Huntington Beach, California using the latest Dynamometer Techniques and computer monitoring equipment to insure all JET chips and modules are tuned for the maximum torque and horsepower gains throughout the RPM band.

The programming changes to each JET chip are extensive and include modified spark advance tables, air fuel ratio modification, torque converter lockup (in automatics), shift improvement in electronic automatic transmission and various other parameters to optimize the torque and horsepower curve for each individual application. Chassis Dynamometer tuning allows JET to develop a specific program for each application.

Jet Performance Electronic Programmers Modules Tuners

Every vehicle is first tested in a stock configuration to get baseline dynamometer and track times. To do this the vehicle is connected to JET's custom data acquisition system to monitor various sensors. Engine temperature, spark advance and air/fuel ratios, all this data is then recorded and stored away for later comparison.

All the Data is stored on disk and transferred to the JET chip program so thorough track and street testing can be done under "real world driving conditions" to assure the Dyno results prove out on the road in decreased 0-60 mph times and quicker ¼ miles acceleration.