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Super Swampers Now 20% Off - Order 4 Tires and Get FREE Shipping! Super Swamper Tires are known for their durability, functionality, reliability, and quality. Interco Tire Company which manufacturers Super Swamper tires is based out of Louisiana and has evolved into an industry leading tire company. With more than three generations of experience, Super Swamper Tires have mastered performance and design. In the late 1960, the creation of the original 78 series was released and from that point on was the evolution for light trucks. Browse through our complete selection of Super Swampers Tires and fine the right ones for your vehicle. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Super Swamper <br>TSL / SX Tires
From $ 186.59
Super Swamper <br>TSL Bias Tires
From $ 170.48
Super Swamper IROK Tires
From $ 323.55
Super Swamper LTB Tires
From $ 222.32
Super Swamper M-16 Tires
From $ 252.05
Super Swamper Radial TSL Tires
From $ 204.90
Super Swamper SSR Tires
From $ 182.14
Super Swamper Thornbird Tires
From $ 238.44
Super Swamper TrXus MT Tires
From $ 210.82
Super Swamper TrXus STS Tires
From $ 187.40
Super Swamper TSL Boggers
From $ 315.73
Super Swamper Tires Articles and Reviews (7)
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Interco Tire Corporation has been dedicated to the off road communities for many years now and they have shown this by developing the most capable tires for combating unbeaten terrains. The tires have been featured in off road magazines and expos. And it’s not just truckers who have had the privilege to enjoy the performance of Superswamper tires; even muscle cars can be lifted and fitted with a set of Superswampers. Read More...
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There is a reason why their tires are used by off road racers for racing championships. They have the most reliable traction and are designed for quick acceleration. Their high acceleration capability is made possible by the shape of the tire especially across the treads. The tire is streamlined to cut through the surface it is riding on with shaper angles.
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Super Swamper tires are off road variety tires that make the most out of tread performance. If you are a dedicated off road driver then Super Swamper might have the kind of products you want to consider including in your itinerary. Some of them are built wide and thick to provide as much support as necessary while others are made a bit slimmer.
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Fondly referred to as Dead River Jack, Jack Coleman is a 60 year old devoted Park Ranger in the heart of the Seventeen Runs Swamp. When he got this job, he opted for the Super Swamper wheels as the perfect companion to his Jeep Renegade. This would in turn help in navigating the Hillsborough River in Florida State keeping the tourists, both local and international safe from the gators, wild pigs and even the elusive panthers.
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Super Swamper Tires are the inspiration for a New Line of Jewelry. For years there have been two words that have dominated the off-roading tire world; “Super Swamper.” Whether you’re a mudder or a rock crawler, chances are you know someone who uses the legendary tires. Recently, an artist has taken his love for Super Swampers and transformed it into jewelry that looks as awesome as the tires. Click Here to check out these rings and pendants.
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Super Swamper is one of today’s fiercest off-road tires. That’s because Super Swamper has specifically designed their tires to handle the toughest of off-road conditions. But how good are they? Well come check out how Super Swamper has become the ultimate tire for intense traction in our article.
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Their tires are featured at the Truck and Jeep Fest. For the past few years, Truck and Jeep Fest have been embarking on nationwide tours. They makes stop everywhere from Honolulu to West Virginia, bringing gear heads the quality that they demand. During each tour, countless people leave talking about the Super Swamper tire: one of the best off-road mudding tires on the market. To check out the full scoop take a look at our article here.

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