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Since 1986, the CALMINI Products logo has been the internationally recognized symbol for quality Isuzu 4x4 performance products. In the 20 years since our inception, we've proven to be the pioneering force of design and innovation in the Isuzu 4x4 aftermarket. Our quality products are designed and manufactured in-house using a craftsman-led approach to modern manufacturing techniques. Our CAD-generated designs, CNC machining, and laser-crafting provide the highest possible quality and accuracy. The results are thoroughly engineered products that exceed industry standards in form, fit, and function, thus providing the most durable extreme use products on the market. The product you use should be the best available. Simply stated: OURS IS. We pledge that our continued effort will be to meet the challenge of unsurpassed customer service and remain the leader in new product development and innovation. See you on the trail! Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Get Calmini Isuzu lifts to elevate the front and rear end of your vehicle. The tough exterior and exude quality performance on the road is the x-factor of any 4WD. Isuzu Calmini suspension lift kit, is also being used to enhance the over-all ride quality of your vehicle and not just its appearance. Calmini Isuzu suspension lifts are made to survive the roughest terrain and to provide you with a satisfactory feel while driving off-road.

Each Calmini Isuzu suspension lifts and other body kits are assembled and tested under strict supervision to ensure first-rate quality and guarantee excellence. Among others, only premier class of steel is used to craft a Calmini Isuzu suspension for better application and durability.

Calmini Isuzu suspension lift kits include fuss-free manuals and installation guides to make it easier to mount. Their suspension systems consist of hi-lift leaf and coil springs, shock absorbers, Calmini Isuzu suspension lift kit, limiting straps and cast iron lift blocks which are available from authorized dealers in the U.S – like 4 Wheel Online.