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CST suspension system include an extensive array of fasteners, bump stops, bushings, brackets and spacers that are applied to assemble the kit component into durable, strong and solid performance lift system. Everything CST suspension further includes all you will require to attain correct and safe installation. Furthermore, the fasteners are well protected from corrosion. This is because of gold or zinc plated. CST constructs lift kits that are engineered beyond the existing industry standards.
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At California Supertrucks Inc. it is not just about designing and manufacturing a quality suspension product. The driving force of the CST team is its desire to bring fresh and inventive ideas that go far past the standards of any suspension lift. With this in mind Chris Robinson, president and owner of California Supertrucks Inc., has been engineering, creating, and driving off road race trucks, as well as running off road fab shops, for the past 30 years. With his vast knowledge and experience, Chris and his team of talented, dedicated, and focused professionals, endeavor to develop, fabricate and manufacture world-class performance suspension systems.

These suspension systems are rooted in superior design and engineering, and employ the most resilient and best built parts available. CST suspension systems include an extensive array of fasteners, brackets, bushings, bump stops, and spacers which are used to assemble the kit components into a solid, durable performance lift system. CST could cut corners, and cost by leaving out some or all of this critical installation hardware, but that's not California Supertrucks style. Every CST suspension includes everything you will need to achieve correct and safe installation. The fasteners are grade 8 or stronger, and are zinc or gold irradiate plated for prtection from corrosion. In the case of upper control arms, greasable urethane bushings are included for tight, responsive suspension action. Urethane droop and/or bump stop limiters are used in most applications to allow full suspension travel without contact between parts. Using a CST Performance Suspension system will help you understand their belief that fine tuning or upgrading a suspension can be an entertaining and worthwhile venture.

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