The Principles Behind Bushwacker’s Fender Flare Designs

A fender flare’s main use is to keep mud and other road debris from ricocheting onto the body of the vehicle. At a high velocity of rotation, tires may pick up and throw off particles at dangerous speeds. That’s why most vehicles are manufactured with fenders for this particular job.

bushwacker extend a fender
Unfortunately, though, factory built fenders can’t always cover a wide custom tire. This is where aftermarket fender flares become extremely useful.

Legally, fender flares are required by law to cover the entire tread width of a tire and stretch downwards to at least the middle of the wheel’s axle.

The Bushwacker Design

Bushwacker has been invested in the business of designing and selling fender flares for years. And over those years, the company has come up with some really reliable flare designs that are meant to serve the entire basket of needs that truck owners have when it comes to mud protection

The Bushwacker flare designs include street flares, OE style fender flares, Extend A Fender Flares, Pocket style fender flares, and Cut out fender flares. Each of these models serves specific vehicle categories.

bushwacker extend a fender

The Bushwacker Street Flare

Street flares are designed for low suspension vehicles, which are common in urban driving zones. These flares are great for covering thick, flashy wheels that are accessorized with multi-spoke designs. With street style wheels, a flawless appearance matters a lot, and that is exactly what Bushwacker street flares are made to complement. They are thus manufactured to allow custom paint jobs since they come ready with an OEM matte black finish, which is 100 percent UV protected.

The Bushwacker OE Flare

Bushwacker’s OE style fender flares are designed mainly for trucks and SUV and have the same complementary features (UV protection, OEM matte black finish, etc.) as Street flares. What they do for trucks is simply amazing. With the modern trim designs that most SUVs and trucks come with, it is necessary to have fenders flares that match the vehicle’s style lines and maintain their consistent curves. This is exactly what Bushwacker’s OE style fender flares do.

The Bushwacker Extend A Fender

bushwacker extend a fender
Leaning higher above the fender and covering more surface, Extend a Fender Flares are larger than other Bushwacker fender flare designs. They are specifically designed for SUVs and trucks with oversized tires that do a sizeable amount of off road expeditions and races. When you think about it, these are the flares to get if you are counting on extended durability in wild environments.

The Bushwacker Pocket Style and Cut Out Fender Flares

One of the most original and iconic fender flare designs from Bushwacker is the Pocket style fender flare. Sharing a similar design to the Cut Out model, Pocket Style Fender flare features recessed stainless steel bolts along its edges.

Bushwacker Cut Out fender flares, however, are the number one option for off-roading purposes. It doesn’t matter how thick the mud or how large the gravel you run over with your vehicle is, these cut out fender flares will have your truck covered. This is because they are built for firm installation into the truck’s body through sheet metal cutting and this ensures that they cannot be displaced in any circumstances.

Besides these main models, Bushwacker has two additional models that specifically cater to Jeep drivers. These are the pocket style fender flares and flat style fender flares for Jeep. They both have a rigid shape in order to complement Jeep’s signature fender design. The pocket style fender flare leans diagonally over the fender while the flat style flare stretches out horizontal before pulling a 90 degree turn downwards to cover the tire. Flat style fender flare for Jeeps are possibly the most recognizable Jeep flare model, as you will notice, since they carry the most visible identity of a Jeep truck or SUV.

If you have any questions about Bushwacker, be sure to call the wheel and tire experts at at 813-769-2451.

By: Sean Bowes
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