Performance Exhaust Systems

Borla Exhaust

Today, choosing performance exhaust can be confusing. A common misconception is that "bigger is better". Many enthusiasts, and manufacturers too, seem to feel that very large diameter pipes are the only way to go for muscle car performance, while we at BORLA have found for street use, big pipes just take energy out of the exhaust, both by slowing down exhaust gas velocity and by cooling off the gases. While exhaust may leave the port at 1500 degrees or more, at the tailpipe it’s down to 150 degrees -- a sign energy has been lost. Velocity and uninterrupted flow are the real performance-making factors.

The steel formulation chosen by Borla for their products is of the "T300" series, which means that the steel is alloyed with Chromium and Nickel. This type of steel has much higher corrosion resistance when compared to the standard grade of automotive exhaust steel. Most OEM and aftermarket automotive exhaust manufacturers use "T409" series steel which is much more affected by corrosive forces. These other manufacturers use 409 steel because it is the cheapest variety. Because of Borla's commitment to quality of design, manufacture and material quality, they proudly offer a One Million Mile Warranty. Other exhaust manufacturers know that the inferior materials that they use will cause inevitable corrosion failure. You get what you pay for as the saying goes, so why spend less and get an inferior product that will need to be replaced in a couple of years.

Borla strives to produce exhaust systems that are a perfect balance of tone, appearance and of course performance. Larger pipes are not always better, they can deplete the energy by allowing the velocity and temperature to slow and cool. Also, pipes with the sole virtue of size can create undesirable low frequency drone in the vehicle cabin. With a well designed Borla Exhaust, the sound stays at the tailpipe where it belongs. Borla products are designed so that they are easy to install yourself, so buy any Borla product for your vehicle and you know that you are getting the best. Borla is called the "most winning exhaust" because they are the preferred manufacturer for professional engine builders worldwide. In fact, Borla's manufacturing facility site was chosen for its proximity to the Bristol Motor Speedway. Borla give you Horsepower that you can feel, usually around a 10% increase, and they provide a variety of exhaust note tones to choose from.