What’s Hot About the New Black XD811 Rockstar II Wheels

We first saw the Rockstar Wheels in 2006 as the first line of wheels under the KMC XD brand, and it blew our minds. It has all the characteristics of a real ground crusher. The spoke design on the XD775 was unmatched by previous XD wheel models. It also introduced a dually wheel which meant dually drivers could join KMC’s awesome XD club. It hasn’t taken long for KMC to head back into the factory and pull out another amazing wheel; the XD811 Rockstar II.

Back in Black

Kmc is flashing some skin
The XD811 Rockstar II is a follow up to the XD775 and thus contain various similarities. It has the same angled 5-spoke design. And just like the XD755, Rockstar II wheels come in a satin black finish. This wheel is as black as black can get. You can tell that was the exact intention since the wheel comes without any other colour options unlike the XD755, which has three more variation that blend chrome and black tints.

In the XD811, not even the lugs bear a tint of chrome deviation. The shiny studs on the edge of the XD755 rim are replaced with all black studs in the XD811. Even the star logo for Rockstar series wheel is coated up in dark satin hue. If you are planning to get a pair of these wheels on your black car then you can be certain to have a gothic rockstar ambience on it when driving at night.

Bigger Sizes

Kmc is flashing some skin
Not only does the XD811 Rockstar II wheel turn your car into a black stallion, it also offers a whole ton of sizes for you to choose from. The wheel’s sizes range from 17,18,20,22 and 24 inches in diameter which sets it as a favorite for SUV and truck (both stock and lifted) drivers. It is also wider than the X775. The 17 inch size version starts with a girth of 8 inches while the 24 inch version spreads 12 inches wide.

Innovative Spoke Design

Rockstar II’s spoke design is clear evidence of KMC wheels innovative knack. They are bolted on as accent pieces that can come off and leave you with a reversed deep dish appearance or they could be replaced by custom pieces that you as the owner prefer to represent your style. At this point the XD811 no longer represents KMC’s design methodology alone it is a product of your collaboration with their innovation.

By: Sean Bowes
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