Bilstein Shocks

Bilstein Shocks

Driving a vehicle equipped with Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers is an exhilarating experience. There is, quite literally, nothing like it. Unbelievable control and stability. Precise handling. Ultimate performance. And incredible comfort.

Bilstein shocks

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Bilstein 4600 Series<br /> HD Light Truck & SUV Shocks
For an instant upgrade from the OEM shocks. Designed for light trucks and SUVs. From $ 124.95
Bilstein 5100 Series<br /> Lifted Truck Shock Absorbers
A premium shock for premium performance. Designed for both on and off road use for trucks, SUVs, and Jeep vehicles. From $ 127.95
Bilstein 5100 Series<br /> Ride Height Adjustable Shocks
Remove front-end sag with Bilstein's patented height adjustable shocks to allow for larger tires. From $ 149.95
Bilstein 5160 Series<br /> Stock Mount Remote Reservoir Shocks
A remote reservoir shock for trucks and SUVs allow for the best performance on and off road From $ 184.95

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Since Bilstein's inception over 40 years ago, Bilstein has been a unique and driving force in the automotive suspension industry with Bilstein shocks. Bilstein was first to apply the patented gas pressure principle to controlling ride characteristics on automobiles and introduced the world's first monotube gas pressure shock absorber. Today, Bilstein continues to be the leader in monotube gas pressure shock absorber technology. No other shock manufacturer has been able to equal the performance and enhanced ride characteristics of Bilstein. The Bilstein name graces not only monotube gas pressure shock absorbers, but also single and twin tube Macpherson strut style suspensions.

Ride, handling and control are what shock absorbers provide. Compromise in one area may create a problem in another. Bilstein's patented design reduces the need for compromise. The rising rate valving of the Bilstein shock absorbers provide the necessary damping to react quicker to road conditions without sacrificing ride comfort. This combination of valving and high pressure nitrogen gas keeps the tires in constant contact with the road helping to ensure safety through enhanced control.

Conventional shocks slowly lose efficiency and eventually fail over a period of time, causing excessive tire and suspension component wear. Bilstein shock absorbers continue to deliver optimum performance for life.

Of all a vehicle's suspension components, nothing works harder than the shock absorbers, making it critical to pick the correct ones. Bilstein's Gas Pressurized Shock Absorbers are the least expensive, and the easiest way to dramatically improve the ride, handling and control of any vehicle. Additionally, with Bilstein's aftermarket lifetime warranty, you can be assured they're built to last.

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