Bestop Sailcloth Soft Tops

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Bestop Sailcloth Soft Tops Replace-a-Top

Bestop's® new Sailcloth Replace-a-top provides up to 50% less noise than Jeep's factory denim soft top. The magic formula is in the one of a kind multi-ply Sailcloth material. Each ply performs a specific function, but collectively they deter road noises, soak up wind disturbance, and reduce buffeting to turn your Jeep's cab into a sound-proof chamber that unquestionably needs to be listened to believe. Moreover, the hardy Sailcloth fabric resists temperature-induced shrinking, allowing easy installation even in cold outdoor conditions.

Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-tops also exhibit fewer waves and creases than typical tops and is much easier to clean to assist your Jeep's overall great appearance! Your Jeep® justifies the best possible soft top available! If you've become fed up with getting 'beat up' when handling your rig, you owe it to yourself to discover the Sailcloth