Bestop Trektop NX Soft Tops

Bestop Trektop NX is the next-generation soft top that provides the best features and functionality for your great convenience! Created from finest multi-ply fabrics that maintain its original shape in all temperature. Designed with high resistance to stains and mildews with UV protection to avoid fading. Trektop NX new "bowless" fastback design eliminates the use of standard bows/hardware. It uses the Wrangler's sports bar to give its unique shape and support. Comes with an exclusive Bestop Top Arch System, developed to keep the top tight and smooth, reduces flapping and prevents puddling. Tinted windows are replaceable and can be removed to change your fully-covered top into a bikini-style top. Trektop NX features flip-back sunroof, improved high-strength factory-style door surrounds and tailgate bar for easy open access. Trektop NX works with all Bestop door kits. Comes with original color-matched fabrics. Choose your model below for more info!