BedTred Pro Series
Truck Bed Liner

BedRug BedTred Pro Series Truck Liners


  • Can not be permanently marked or damaged by acids, solvents or petroleum products.
  • Will not absorb water and can easily be cleaned to a "like new" state with any hose.
  • ALL NEW zipper design for super easy installation in minutes!
  • Anti-skid surface designed to prevent cargo from shifting during transport.
  • Made with foam backing to protect truck beds from damage ensuring a factory fresh look underneath.


BedTred Pro Series Truck Bed Liner is Now 25% and Ships Free. BedTred Pro Series is the latest innovation from the makers of the acclaimed Bedrug line of truck bed liners. BedTred Pro Series is custom formed to the shape and contour of any truck bed from an exclusive corrosion and stain resistant TPO composite that is bonded to a next generation closed cell polypropylene foam. BedTred Pro Series provides a textured work surface with the rugged look of a spray in liner while actually protecting any truck bed from impacts paint scratches and rust in ways that spray-in liners and hard liners can't. BedTred Pro Series Truck Bed Liners also comes with the Tailgate Mat. What's more, BedTred Pro Series actually helps protect the value of any truck, unlike a spray-in liner. The result...BedTred Pro Series is the best truck bed liner available!