BedRug Bed Mats Articles and Reviews

BedRug Products Offer Ultimate Truck Bed Protection at Affordable Cost
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Protecting your truck bed using BedRug products is one of the best things you can do. BedRug has been offering high quality and innovative truck bed accessories for years. Its products have been popular among off road enthusiasts because of the level of protection and customization they offer. The company offers both bed liners and mats for vehicle owners to choose the best one for their situations.
A Guide for Installing Bedrug Bed Rugs
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Bedrug bed rugs can withstand extreme materials, conditions and substances. These rugs are proudly made in USA. They are specifically designed to meet popular trucks. Bedrug designs and manufacturers environmentally friendly bed rugs, mats and bed liners that not only meet but also exceed OEM standards. They are made of ultra-tough polypropylene materials making them unique and durable. With these bed rugs, no drilling is required as they feature hook and loop style fastener system.
Key Features That Make the Bedrug Truck Bed Liner the Perfect Accessory
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The Bedrug truck bed liner is designed to protect the truck bed from anything thrown at it. This truck bed liner is made using plastic that is not easily damaged ensuring the truck bed is protected at all times. This bed liner is one of the most innovative ones in the market and has a few features and benefits, discussed below, that make it stand out.