Battery Tender

Why Battery Tender?

Battery Tender doesn’t stop producing efficient and cost effective tool for extending the life of motorcycle batteries. These battery chargers are designed to fully charge and maintain a wide range of styles of lead acid batteries in ways that avoid the potential damaging effects that can be caused by most trickle chargers.

Battery Tender makes automatic chargers that switch to a maintenance mode whenever the battery has already completed its charging time. It is programmed with a microprocessor that will correctly charge a battery then automatically switch to a maintenance/float mode.

Aside from fast-charging and high quality battery charger, Battery Tender made it very convenient for consumers to use its products. Its products are also equipped with a variety of safety and interconnect options that may vary from its models. Just check with the factory for the combination of power, current, voltage and battery style that best meets your needs.

Consumers will never face a dead battery again. Save more money and extend battery life by using the best motorcycle battery charger in town, use Battery Tender!