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Banks Ford Diesel Power

Gale Banks Engineering is the premier producer of power systems for gas and diesel trucks and motorhomes. When it comes to performance and predicting the direction of the marketplace, no other aftermarket firm has the credentials and capabilities of Gale Banks Engineering. Engineering, fabrication, prototype production and manufacturing are all part of the Banks domain.

Much of Banks' strength stems from its dedication to the truck market. At the height of the 1974 fuel crisis, truck owners, enthusiasts and magazine editors came to Banks for products to help get them more power and improved mileage. The Banks team did their research and responded, creating a major new direction in fuel economy that shows in Banks products to this day.

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Established in 1958, Banks has grown from a one-man speed shop to its present-day size of 200 employees on a twelve-acre campus in Azusa, California. There, six buildings under four acres of roof house various functions. In Banks Engineering Garage, the Mechanical Engineering Department—some of the world's best car and truck people—design and test the latest in high-performance equipment. In the Race Shop, twin-turbos, outrageous horsepower and high style are incorporated into Banks' special-project vehicles. Sophisticated technologies are applied to engine improvement in the rapidly growing Computer Systems Engineering Department.