B/G Rod Works Wheels

B/G Rod Works Wheels

B/G Rod Works Wheels are now 25% Off and Ship Free. These designer rims are the latest wheel brand from B/G Rod Works. They come with great styles and patterns. B/G Rod Works Rims come in a variety of sizes ranging between 15 and 22 inches. They also come in an array of amazing styles like the popular Old School and Gasser wheel styles.
B/G Rod Works’ objective is to have total customer satisfaction in all its operations. The company provides quality wheels through constant testing and inspection processes. The wheels are very competitive with regard to availability, quality and performance. B/G Rod Works Wheels are now available at discounted prices and can be shipped to your location for free.

B/G Rod Works Rims

B/G Rod Works Wheels Articles and Reviews
Most Popular Styles under the BG Wheels Brand
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BG wheels are designed for those who want the perfect old school look without breaking the bank. These wheels are available in many different styles and sizes but there are three that are most popular. The three include the BG Rodder wheels, BG Old School wheels and the BG Gasser wheels. These three styles are designed to fulfil the different needs of different drivers.
Keeping It Old School with B/G Rod Wheels
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B/G Rod wheel works rims are Worx’s answer to old school vehicles. If you like having your trips with a little vintage touch then the collection of wheels at B/G Rod should suffice your expectations. All old school wheels are designed to combine a variety of elements that bring out that distinct 20th century look.

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