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BF Goodrich Tires now 25% Off + Ships Free! For more than 30 years, BF Goodrich has constructed its tires to perfection through its dedicated and passionate team. the team ensures that these tires are crafted for maximum performance.

BF Goodrich Articles and Reviews
BF Goodrich G-Force Tires Guarantee All Season Traction
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The BF Goodrich collection comprises of desert racing tires, mud trail racing tires, drag racing tires, commercial all season tires and long trail tires. They are each produced to aid the driver’s handling and operation and make it easier to win titles. Amongst the most notable series of tires to have come from BF Goodrich factories is the G-Force series. This series consists of six distinct tire models that have varying characteristics. Read More...
BFGoodrich Tires Expands Its Portfolio with Some Tough All-Terrain Tires
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BFGoodrich has added the all new All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires for those who want better performance off road. These tires are made using the latest technologies and materials for improved performance and durability. The durability of the wheels is improved the new tread design and rubber formulation that improve treadlife. These new materials and technologies used improve the strength of the tires themselves to help improve overall performance and traction of the vehicle.
BFGoodrich Tires Dominates the Podium to Manage 30th Overall SCORE Baja 500 Win
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BFGoodrich Tires dominated the Baja 500 this year to manage the 30th overall win. This win was helped by BFGoodrich Tires team led by Bryce Menzies. The win was not by luck as BFGoodrich Tires has in the past few years had a good run at Baja 500 and SCORE international. With this 30th overall win, BFGoodrich Tires is undoubtedly the king of the desert.
BF Goodrich Tires Changes the Mint 400 Race
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BF Goodrich Tires sweep the Mint 400 Race. If off-road racing had a shut out, a hat trick or perfect season, then it just happened in the desert. A few weeks ago racers showed up in Las Vegas on all different types of tire brands to compete in the Mint 400 for a chance to be in the top 10. This year, every single racer in that top 10 used BF Goodrich Tires. Click Here to why these tires are the best for desert racing.
Travis Pastrana Partners With BF Goodrich Tires
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Travis Pastrana Partners With BF Goodrich Tires. Travis Pastrana is a racer who seems to have done it all: double back flips, jumping buildings, racing rally cars, and changing the sport of motocross forever, but now he is trying his hand at Trophy and Trick truck racing this year with his new partner, BF Goodrich. Click Here to find out where the daredevil will be competing.
BF Goodrich Tires Continues to Dominate Baja
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BF Goodrich Tires Continues to Dominate the Baja Race. Any tire company can easily claim they have the best rubber in the world, but until you look at the facts, it’s all just bench racing. For BF Goodrich Tires, one of the most popular tire brands ever the proof is in the pudding. Their tires have been designed for use and abuse and their recent racing victories at Baja seem to prove just that. Check out with this means for real off-roaders HERE.
BF Goodrich Tires Rule the Lawless Baja 1000 Race
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BF Goodrich Tires rule the Baja 1000. The Baja 1000 has long been considered one of the wildest and toughest off-road desert races in the world. Almost every year, it seems that tragedy strikes through injury and death. Also swirling around the event is crazed spectators that are filled with members of the drug cartel. To race in the is event, drivers need to be tough and fearless. The best way to do this is by having the most trustworthy products. Of course, none are better than BF Goodrich. Check out the full article here.
BF Goodrich Tires Revs Up for 12 Hours of Sebring Race
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BF Goodrich Tires roll into Sebring Raceway. BF Goodrich Tires is America's oldest and most respected tire company. But don't confuse age for out of date. BF Goodrich Tires has continued to showcase their explosiveness and innovation out on the track. Last year, they reeled in over 50 racing championships and went wild at the Sebring International Raceway. This year, we can expect more of the same; check out the full story here.

More About BF Goodrich

BF Goodrich offers a wide variety of racing tires ranging from, oval, sports car, drag, desert, rally (Dakar and WRC) and extreme rock crawling. Their tires have been proven to win frequently in racing competitions, like its record breaking 20 consecutive Baja 1000 wins and Sebring racing competitions. These tires are equipped with special features to deliver maximum traction, more acceleration and performance from your vehicles.