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BD Diesel is now 20% Off and Ships Free. BD Diesel made it's debut in 1989, back when the original exhaust brake was engineered for diesel pickups. A small but significant start to what would now be comprised of eight divisions that specialize in diesel power components, and boasting over three decades in the diesel power industry.

BD Power

BD Power is Known for Torque Convertor Remanufacturing & Design. BD Diesel's focus resides in Ford, Dodge and GM diesel truck transmissions and torque convertors. They don't rebuild OEM transmissions and torque convertors. Instead, each transmission is completely re-engineered to cope with twice the original manufacturer's torque. BD Power exchange, towing, and race transmissions, as well as valve-bodies and torque convertors with custom built stators, clutches and covers for high power applications are the pinnacle of diesel power handling excellence and can be found here, at the lowest prices.