BD Diesel Ford
Towloc Controller

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The TOWLOC is BD's new programmable transmission and convertor control designed for exhaust brake applications; the most powerful transmission control yet.

The TOWLOC monitors the operation of the vehicle speed, engine speed and engine load to compute the optimum transmission control algorithm. This process controls transmission downshifting as well as torque convertor operation for optimum results. You can also customize the unit for the ultimate transmission control for working your truck with an exhaust retarder and a higher performance engine.

The TowLoc comes preset with all of the following features but can be modified by a BD accredited Diamond installation facility or by an at home technical buff with a personal computer.The electronics are packaged in weather resistant enclosure for the engine compartment that taps into 10 -12 sources for control and sensing.
  • Engine brake disengage speed to reduce noise and engine load at idle
  • Torque converter lock up engagement speed to prevent low vehicle speed chugging with the torq lock-up engaged
  • Programmable automatic 4th to 3rd downshift
  • Torque converter clutch lock-out speed to disengage converter lock-up at low engine rpm
  • Disengages lock-up clutch during heavy accelerator pedal action to protect power train and prevent slippage with high torque applications
  • Vehicle specific speed calibration
  • Engine temperature controlled exhaust brake warm up feature
  • PressureLoc delay engagement time control
  • Over drive lock-out that ensures the truck starts in drive and prevents engine lugging for low speed driving
  • Self cycles for exhaust brake, pressure loc and shift functions. All these functions can be programmed with a P/C connected live to the TowLoc while driving the truck