BD Diesel Dodge
Engine Accessories

BD is a Diesel power train specialty manufacturer and distribution centre located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. The company presently employs 70 people and the facility covers 30,000 square feet. The original company Valley Fuel Injection Ltd. is celebrating its 32nd year in business. The BD name was introduced in 1989 when the first exhaust brake for Diesel pick up trucks was designed. The company now has 8 specialty divisions that focus on the Diesel Powered chassis components.
Transmission & Torque Convertor Remanufacturing & Design
BD specializes in Ford, Dodge and GM truck transmissions. No stock rebuilds in this department. Every transmission is redesigned to handle double the amount of factory torque. Complete exchange towing or race transmissions plus valve bodies and accumulator bodies are available. Torque Convertors with custom designed stators, clutches and covers for high power applications are also built.
Research & Development
A team of engineers is on staff designing Diesel turbocharger kits, electronic controls for transmissions, Diesel engine performance tuning files, intake systems, injector designs, exhaust systems, flex plates, short shift kits, engine shut down devices, high rpm devices and many new products.