BAK Industries Releases New Products in 2014

BAK Industries is the designer and manufacturer of the best tonneau covers on the market that effectively fit tour truck’s bed. Before this year, BAK Industries was making a splash by offering the tiltBAK cover, as well as the infamous RollBAK cover variations. These tonneau covers are designed each with a different need and focus on reliability, quality and durability. In 2014, the company has upped its game and introduced various new products

Roll-X HD

Roll-X HD is a 2014 release from BAK industries. It is a representation of the BAK Industries tonneau cover design. The front part of this cover is large and coupled with dual mounting bolts that enable you to have it securely mounted on your truck. The covers real part is also extended to give an excellent fit for the trucks with drop-in plastic bed liners, removing the need to either trim or modify your liner.

Bak truck covers
The biggest improvement with the Roll-X HD is its bigger locking rail. This gives twice the locking ability for your off-road driving experience. This cover is not only secure but also stronger. You can easily mount it on your truck without any form of professional assistance.

Roll-X - Tradesman

This year, BAK has also released the Roll-X Hard Roll-Up Bed Cover featuring a new trim. The new trim enables the cover to fit the opening that is behind the toolbox of your truck. The new Roll-X now fits well with 19-20 inches toolboxes ranging, from the front of the bed to the tailgate.

However, it is important to note that the compatible toolboxes should have latches that rest above the rails and point towards the truck’s side. If well installed, other toolbox designs such as cross-boxes and wing boxes are likely to work, too.

The Roll-X Tradesman part numbers end with 20 inches, thus leaving a 20-inch space in front of the truck bed for your selected toolbox. With these covers, you may go for custom installation. However, take note that not all headache racks and toolbox combinations may work. Therefore, it is important that you confirm with BAK Authorized Dealer for recommendation prior to making a purchase.
Bak truck covers

Roll-X - XT

Roll-X XT is BAK’s advancement in Roll-X rail technology. The new Roll-X XT comes with a new accessory mounting channel in the truck bed where you can also mount other accessories. The cover can also accommodate the BAK stop cargo divider, the BAK box 2, Tie Downs, BAK Bike Rack and Mag Lite clip on mount, as well as swivel for illuminating the side box option, the bed and other areas.


BAK is always moving forward with its innovation and this year, the company has perfected the Roll-X design. Currently, they are also working towards improving the BAK Flip and this it is way ahead of its competitors. The cover features the infamous and patented ½ load-bearing flange that makes it strongest when you clamp it to your truck. The patented design enables the BAK Flip rail to align easily, seal better to the truck. With the advancement on the BAK Flip XT rail, you have better reasons to choose BAK covers for your hard folding cover needs.

By: Jon Aragon
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