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American Force Wheels

American Force Wheels - 5% off Plus Free Shipping! American Force Wheels known for creating a unique aesthetic, being a market innovator, and an industry trend setter. American Force Wheels are undeniably a leader in wheels for Trucks, SUV, JEEPS and now UTV's. American Force wheel design, comes with a definitive branding lip that has set the bench mark for competitors and imitators alike. American Force Dually Wheels are iconic for their durability, looks, and performance. With over 200 Styles to Choose from the popular expression "bigger is better" completely holds true for the forged aluminum big-rig rims. These forged wheels are built for the sort of use and abuse that even the most extreme driving can dish out. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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For several years, American Force has been designing and manufacturing custom 19.5-inch big wheels. The wheels feature a heavy-duty application that enables you to pair them with commercial-grade semi-truck tires. Stability is another benefit you will gain from using these wheels. These wheels are not only unique but also unbelievable strong. American Force commercial wheels can run down the road for around 100,000 miles.
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American Force has a number of aftermarket wheels for the modern driver. Out of all the wheels under this brand, the Face plate series consist of the most stylish wheels that will make any truck stand out. Getting aftermarket wheels is more than just performance these days as style has come to play an important role. This article looks at some of the unique features that make the Face plate series stand out.
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In order to become big in the aftermarket wheel industry, a company needs to find a way to showcase their products. Well, American Force found that the best way to do this is by getting involved in top of the line build-up trucks. For years, American Force has been working on these wildly popular trucks. In fact, they've become so popular that they are annualy showcased and profiled at the world-renowned SEMA show. If you want to check out more, come take a look at our article.
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When you’re racking more than 10,000 miles in a single month, you want to be sure that your wheels were built to take the abuse. The engineers have designed dually specific rims for American truck drivers who demand high-quality products. Click Here to see which wheels are available for the public today.

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Since the mid 2000’s, American Force Wheels has been leading the wheel industry in forged aluminum wheels for diesel trucks. With their specialty in custom rims, American Force Wheels has made a name for their self that solidifies the essence of quality, durability, and appeal. Trucks are made to endure towing, hauling and pulling heavy loads and what better way to do it but with style. Don’t let your truck sit and lose value; put it to work and fully utilize its power potential. Check out the full line of American Force Forged Wheels. With their specialties 19.5-25.5 inches, we know you’ll find exactly what you need. Shop & Save Now while the price is Right!

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