American Force Wheels

American Force Wheels

American Force Wheels - On Sale - Now 20% Off! Over 200 Styles to Choose From. American Force Dually Wheels are iconic for their durability, looks, and performance. The popular expression "bigger is better" completely holds true for the hot forged aluminum big-rig rims. In addition to the great looks there are practical benefits. These wheels and tires are built for the sort of use and abuse that over the road commercial operators dish out. You can expect to get anywhere from 4x to 6x more miles from the 16 ply semi tires in our wheel and tire package then your getting from your stock tires. Saving the cost of replacing your tires 4 to 6 times is a pretty substantial savings.

American Force Rims

Since the mid 2000’s, American Force Wheels has been leading the wheel industry in forged aluminum wheel for diesel trucks. With their specialty in custom wheels, American Force Rims has made a name for their self that solidifies the essence of quality, durability, and appeal. Trucks are made to endure towing, hauling and pulling heavy loads and what better way to do it but with style. Don’t let your truck sit and lose value; put it to work and fully utilizes its power potential. Check out the full line of American Force Wheels. With their specialties 19.5-25.5 inches, we know you’ll find exactly what you need. Shop & Save Now while the price in Right!

American Force Wheels - Dually
American Force Wheels - Dually
American Force Wheels - Single SS Series
American Force Wheels - Single >> SS Series

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