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Akita Wheels are Now 40% Off and Ship Free. Akita Rims will transform any vehicle into a stylish, modern mean machine! Akita Rims come in different designs and finish that suits any personality and style. These wheels give an enhanced look and better performance to any vehicle.

Having attained a high reputation for their functionality, sturdiness and appeal, Akita Wheels are superior to other wheel manufacturer in the industry. These custom alloy wheels are made using resilient materials to ensure its durability and are certified with ISO 9000, OEM, SEA, JWL-T, VIA, & TUV standards.

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Akita Racing Wheels Articles and Reviews
Akita Racing Wheels Loves to Fuse Finishes
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We all know the story with alloy wheels and their finishes. Amongst the many benefits they are preferred for is their aesthetic appeal. However, most manufacturers will keep your options tied down to three types of finishes: machined face, chrome or black. Sometimes they will make the black a bit glossier or plainer and the chrome may come labeled as silver or hypersilver.
Our Top Four Wheels from Akita Wheels
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Akita is yet another fantastic wheel brand from The Wheel Group that is bound to satisfy the unique taste and needs of every driver out there. These wheels are functional, sturdily built and well designed. They are meant for racing vehicle and are built to create that boost in speed on the track. Having been tested on a variety of racing wheel standards they guarantee reliable performance.
Akita Racing Wheels Utilizes Machined Finishes
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Akita Racing Wheels is one of today's most durable and stylish high performance wheels. This, obviously, was no accident. Akita Racing spends countless hours on their engineering and production process to ensure that their customers are provided with the very best wheels. One of their favorite and perfected techniques for ensuring quality is machining. Machining is a process that transforms wheels into sleek and stylish rims. To get the full scoop click here.


Akita Racing Rims give an outstanding look and flair to any vehicle. The designs and finishes blend in with the style of the exterior. The rims are manufactured using reliable and hard-wearing materials for ensured durability. As an added feature, the rims provide better performance for your ride.

These custom alloy wheels vividly improve the appearance of the vehicle. Akita Racing Wheels have undergone precise manufacturing and have been strengthened to pass the standards of ISO 9000, JWL-T, OEM, SEA, TUV, & VIA.

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