Airaid Intake System for Chevy

Airaid Air Intake System is designed to increase the airflow to your engine for more horsepower, torque and acceleration. Airaid Air Intake System supplies your engine with cooler and denser air for an even greater engine power. The air filter is housed in an airbox to keep it away from engine heat and to keep the cool air flowing. Airaid features 2 types of air filter, SynthaMax oil-free air filter and SynthaFlow oiled air filter. These two air filters are made of the finest synthetic materials that deliver superior filtration and outstanding airflow at the same time. Some Airaid intake systems include an intake tube. The addition of this intake tube helps greatly for it further increases airflow and maintains proper air-fuel ratios. Buy Airaid Air Intake System now and it includes all necessary hardware and comprehensive instructions for installation. This is backed by Airaid hassle-free lifetime warranty and we ship it for free.