Spoilers and Air Deflectors

Truck Spoiler

Our online shop helps you add that extra touch to the exterior of your vehicle with designer spoilers and wind deflectors from major manufacturers like Lund. Applied with 3M tape, these spoilers and air deflectors will set your vehicle apart from the crowd, and give you some fuctionality, applying more downforce to the rear of the vehicle for better high speed handling.

Spoilers are aerodynamic device attached to an automobile with the intended design function to 'spoil' untoward air movement across a body of a car in motion. This can result in improved vehicle stability by diminishing lift or decreasing drag that may cause unpredictable handling in a car at speed. Spoilers have been commonly seen on high-performance vehicles which mainly being used to support speed and contact of wheels on the road... while it also brings a power-look to your car.

Quality Wind deflectors eliminate wind noise, and drafts and prevents rain from entering the sunroof opening while you are driving. With sturdy and durable materials used, never worry about anything except for an enjoyable and pleasurable ride.